My Flower Story

Hello flower friend. My name is Kalinda Ponce. I am deeply in love with Jesus and flowers. I started Flawless Florals in late 2019 when I was 20 years old. I had been yearning to work with flowers since I was a child. I was reluctant to go after my dreams after feedback from others about how florists didn’t really earn much. I prayed and prayed for an opportunity to become a florist. I applied for a floral position at a local grocery store and even scored an interview. I wasn’t given the job. I admit, I was heartbroken. After a few months I started making small arrangements for friends. After positive feedback I decided to start something and came up with the name Flawless Florals. I really love the ring to it. I was at the time working for a very great company, FedEx. I’m sure you’ve heard of it! Although it was a great company it wasn’t where my heart was at. I began getting more and more orders daily to where I could no longer work for FedEx and juggle flower orders. I made the decision after 2 years with FedEx to put in my notice of resignation. When I started my floral career, I was solely working from home and soon outgrew the storage closet I was working with. I now have a flower studio in downtown that I am very grateful for. I am so glad that I have since pursued my dreams. I love what I do, and I don’t have to work a day of my life because I am joyful every day by bringing joy to others. I love what I do because I am serving God by serving others. One thing I enjoy the most, is interceding on behalf of my recipients. I love praying for my customers and recipients while I work on the arrangements before they reach their destination. No matter the occasion. I pray for the relationships. I have met so many people thanks to my career. I have met and prayed with the elderly, with the sick, with those moving forward in new stages of life. To me Flawless Florals is more than just a business. Every delivery, every order, every transaction— it’s an experience. We want every life we cross to be touched. It’s more than just what the sender puts on the card, we want people to know that we love and care for them. I know without a doubt this is what God has called me to do. I have big dreams for my business and now know that I am capable of any and everything I put my mind to. I am thankful for everyone who decides to place an order with Flawless Florals. Not only are they supporting my business but they are supporting the dreams that are planted in my heart.

Insite Magazine's 2022 & 2023 A-List People’s Choice Winner

Giving a huge thank you to all of our followers, customers, and flower friends for voting for Flawless Florals for Insite Magazine's A-List People’s Choice! We strive to do our best in all of our arrangements and are ecstatic that our labor is producing good fruit!